The Beloved Ones

The Beloved Ones tells the true stories of two African women living with the repercussions of HIV/AIDS in a compelling and intimate portrait. Maureen is head of the family at the age of 16 and survives with her only sister after they lose their parents to AIDS. HIV positive Anna is 42 years old and preparing her five children for her own imminent death. The film weaves their two stories together and by doing so makes something else entirely, producing a lyrical and moving short film that goes beyond the usual cliches of the African AIDS pandemic.


The Beloved Ones was made for Screen West Midlands as part of its Digital Shorts scheme in 2006/7. It was made in collaboration with Joshka Wessels, who produced it and also recorded the original material in Uganda upon which the work was based. Musician George Beasley designed and recorded the score and actors Josette Simon OBE (Cry Freedom, Blake's 7, RSC) and Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush, Being Human) did a wonderful job with the voice overs.

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Tricky Women International Animation Festival,

Austria 2009     In competition


Goteborg International Film Festival, Sweden 2009

In competition


Leipzig Dokfestival, Germany 2008   In competition


Animafest, Zagreb Hungary 2008     In competition  

> Won a special mention by the Grand Jury "For its message, told in a personal, accessible way"


Aspen Shortsfest, Aspen Colorado 2008

In competition


Screened at the Short Film corner, Cannes International Festival May 2007

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