Success with Sweet Peas

Success with Sweet Peas is a short surreal animated documentary about competitive sweet pea growing in Shropshire. Growers, showers and arrangers talk about the irresistible lure of the sweet pea, combined with imagery evoking the quintessentially English pursuit of flower perfection.


‘"It'’s a lovely little pea, that.’"

SCREENINGS (selected)


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003

*Nominated for the Norman McLaren Animation Award


Cardiff International Screen Festival, Wales 2003


Flickerfest, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia 2003


British Animation Awards short-listed for Best Music & Public Choice awards 2004        


Aspen Short Film Festival, Colorado, USA  2004


Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey 2004


Part of British Council touring programme in Turkey (April / May 04)


Rushes Soho Shorts festival 2004, London 2004

*Shortlisted for the Discreet Animation Award


Green Vision, St Petersburg, Russia 2004

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