This short animated moving image piece is being made by animated documentary maker Samantha Moore in collaboration with Swedish composer Malin Bång, the workers at the Headen and Quarmby lingerie factory, and producer Abigail Addison from Animate Projects.


Headen and Quarmby is a small Manchester based lingerie factory which employs local long term unemployed people. They work closely with English fabric manufacturers in Nottingham, Huddersfield and Macclesfield, resisting the global race towards the lowest price at a high cost to the environment and local community well-being.


The piece will take a lively view of the sewing room environment, using a combination of interviews, music and animation printed onto fabric. The music performers will use sewing machines as part of their instrumental repertoire, and the fabric sewed will be used in the final film.


Bloomers is based on observational drawings of the factory environment, which will be turned into vibrant hand drawn animation, accompanied by audio interviews which will give a glimpse into working lives at the factory. The film will be digitally animated and then the images exported sequentially and printed onto fabric, before being re-shot. This gives the impression of animated print, and emphasises the materiality of the process. The fabric itself will then be able to be re-purposed after being filmed - into knickers.

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