An Eyeful of Sound

An Eyeful of Sound is a 10 minute animated documentary about audio-visual synaesthesia. It is directed by Samantha Moore, produced by Joshka Wessels at Sapiens Productions and the scientific advisor is Dr Jamie Ward from the University of Sussex, UK.


Synaesthesia describes a joining together of sensations that are normally experienced separately. Synaesthetic people may experience tastes, colours, shapes, smells or touches in tandem with almost any of their other senses. This project, funded by the Wellcome Trust's arts award, involves working with audio-visual synaesthetes - people who ‘see’ music.


"I saw this most beautiful sound, it was just gorgeous ... beautiful reds, yellows and purples... My mum said it was the cock crowing ... my first real memory of the wonderful visual sounds that I experience" (Julie Roxburgh, describing an early synaesthetic memory)

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Screenings :


Premièred at the London Short Film Festival, UK, January 2010, shortlisted for the East End Film Festival prize

Screened at Animated Exeter film festival, UK, February 2010, shortlisted for the Independent Talent Award

Featured at the Talent Campus, Berlin International film Festival, Germany, February 2010

Screened at Tricky Women film festival, Austria, March 2010

Screened at the Athens Short Film + Video festival, Ohio, USA in the ‘Poetry, Music, Film’ competitive programme, March 2010

Screened at the East End Film Festival, UK in the ‘Documents 2:UK True life stories’ programme, April 2010

Screened at the Magma Short Film Festival,New Zealand, April 2010

Screened at Flatpack festival, UK, April 2010

Screened at the In The Palace film festival, Bulgaria, June 2010

Screened at the Palm Springs International Shortsfest, USA, June 2010 (an Academy Award qualifying festival)

Screened at the Anima Mundi Animation festival, Brazil, July 2010An installation of the film screened in the Science Gallery as part of the Biorhythm exhibition at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, July – October 2010

Screened at the London International Animation Festival, August 2010

An installation of the film screened at the Public Art Gallery, West Bromwich, UK as part of their A is for Animation exhibition.

Screened in the Scinema Science Film Festival (touring Australia), August 2010. Winner of Best Experimental/Animation film.

Screened at the Branchage Festival, September 2010

Screened at Stoke Your Fires animation festival, UK, October 2010

Screened at the Imagine Science Film Festival, USA, October 2010.

Winner of the Nature award for Scientific Merit.

Screened at the Candid Arts Trust Angels Moving Image Festival, UK, October 2010.

Screened at the Flip Animation Festival, UK, November 2010.

Winner of a diploma in documentary.

Screened at the Dam Short Film Festival, USA, February 2011

Screened at The Forum des Images, Paris, France, March 2011.

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Winner best


Scinema Science Film festival

Australia 2010


Documentary Diploma

Flip Animation Festival

UK 2010

Winner of the Nature Award

for Scientific Merit

Imagine Science Film Festival

New York 2010

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